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The ancient "Poggio Oliveto" farm rises inside the green heart of the Maremma hills.The estate, built during the sixteenth century thanks to the Venturi family from Roccastrada, knew its greatest splendour around 1800, when the Gherardesca Counts turned it into a little town inhabited by many families. "Poggio Oliveto", including its 115 hectares of surrounding land, has been owned by the Curatolo family since 1982. Not only the belongers to Curatolo family have taken care of the restructuring and the improvement of the most important structures, but they have also gone back to farming according to productive systems which are advanced even from an environmental point of view; thanks to these activities, the Curatolo family has brought the farm back to its ancient splendour.

Inside the "borgo" (village), which has been fully restored, there is a typical "horseshoe bat" like farmhouse turned into living structure and meant for the farm's owners and guests.
An oil stonemill (still used for the extra-virgin oil production), a little church fully conserving its original thin structure, and an ancient octagonal well are annexed to the farmhouse. The farm is the ideal place for holidays rich in colours, scents and genuine flavours in a harmonious and quiet atmosphere. Everything has been made respecting the place's traditions. The confidential landowners' hospitality, together with the several comforts, make nowadays "Poggio Uliveto" the ideal place to spend a pleasant and quiet holiday, surrounded by the nature.

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